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    Thread: Need Help with 09 GTI ECU

    1. 08-10-2012 11:27 PM #1
      The battery died, so i replaced it and the car would not start. Everything else works. Dealer said the Computer was fried due to battery being hooked up backwards, which it was not. Wants to charge 2400$ to fix and says the new computer might not recognize the wiring harness, which would be 6000$ to fix. My question is about the "computer". Is that the ecu and can i get another and flash it to my car, or do i have to get the one he wants to order from "Germany that is programmed specific to my car". Also, shouldn't the computer be smart enough to protect itself from something like that, inline fuse or something. I just need to know the truth before I let him bamboozle me into 6g's. Thanks.

    2. 08-11-2012 10:39 AM #2
      Did you jump start the car from another car ? It can have the same effects as a reverse hook up. I would trust the dealership diagnosis because a dead ecm is a very easy and quick diagnosis. You want the dealership ecm as well it sounds to they are quoting you 6k to cya in case the harness is fried somewhere. Good luck.

    3. 08-28-2012 01:31 AM #3
      did you replace the battery when you found it dead or did you try to jump it. if you jumped it backwards you might have more issues. of you just replaced the battery you will need to set basic settings on the throttle body. if the battery has been dead for a while it will need to be reset. i used to work next to les schwabb and had to set throttle for them all the time. you will have a crank but no start. either way you should have another shop look at it.

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