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    Thread: advice needed - leather discolored while cleaning

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      08-11-2012 02:20 PM #1
      I've made a terrible mistake. I have a 2010 Jetta TDI, and have always kept the car immaculately clean. The other day, while cleaning the interior, I noticed some greasy smudges on my leather e-brake lever. I didn't have anything leather-specific cleaning supplies with me, and my OCD got the best of me. I used a microfiber cloth and some Turtle Wax ICE interior detailer to remove the smudge. Before applying, I made sure the bottle indicated that it was safe for leather.

      So now, I have a noticeable discoloration in the leather where I had rubbed to remove the smudges.

      How do I fix this? I have no experience with leather repair, but it looks like I need to learn pretty quick. Is there anything I can do besides replacing the leather on the handle?

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    2. 08-11-2012 09:15 PM #2
      It looks like the "leather paint" came off, it's probably a dye issue. The other detailer's will chime in but I wonder if it's real leather there.

      I think it's dye'able or whatever they use to repair interiors, when someone broke into my truck they put some gauge marks in the dash (2010 Tacoma), the bodyshop brings in people that specialize in vinyl or interior repair, they sprayed the whole front passenger dash panel - I wasn't impressed to hear that but it looks good - I cannot tell the difference and it takes Aerospace 303 just fine with no problems.

      Problem is that it's on a wearable part.

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