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    Thread: New commuter car possibility (salvage CRX content inside)

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      Jun 13th, 2004
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      09-28-2012 10:54 PM #71
      Nice ride. I would say don't give up on the car too soon as far as autocross but you've got other cars for that.

    2. Member VadGTI's Avatar
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      Feb 24th, 2000
      Hollywooooooood, CA
      2013 GTI/S60R/E30 M3 (imported from Nigeria)
      09-28-2012 10:57 PM #72
      Thought the thread was being bumped because it got stolen .
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      09-29-2012 01:45 AM #73
      Quote Originally Posted by VadGTI View Post
      Thought the thread was being bumped because it got stolen .

    4. Member Claff's Avatar
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      Nov 2nd, 2009
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      12-08-2012 01:23 AM #74
      Some will recall that the primary motive behind our picking up a CRX was to help us reduce some debt and open up a parking space among the fleet. We wanted it to replace our 2010 Mazda3 as the primary commuter car.

      The experiment has gone well. The CRX has been the primary commuter for the last couple months without any major hiccups (knocking on wood). While it has, we effectively parked the 3 to see if it really was possible to live without it, and we really did manage to not drive it aside from a scant few short rides into town.

      And today (yesterday actually, seeing the clock) the 3 has been sold and is now out of our life. We still have plenty of vehicular options available to us, so we won't be up a tree in case the CRX needs to stay home for repairs, but I viewed the 3 as a good safety net that's no longer there.

      So now we have seven cars here at stately Claffie Manor. Six of them are two-seaters. Five of them are convertibles. Only one of them is FWD. Only one has an automatic transmission. And the neighbors still look at us funny.
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