So i got extremely lucky off Craigslist last week and scored a Garrett Gt2876r for $150!!! Its the real deal too, not a china knock off. The problem is there is shaft play. I dont believe its excessive, but i thought i'd double check. It moves in and out about 1/32 of an inch and say you're looking into the compressor housing it moves left and right less then 1/32 closer to 1/64th. Which is basically nothing imo, but then again im not the most experienced with turbos. Air cooled vdubs are my thing and i just bought a GLI for fun then caught the mod bug. So if its cool then im gonna install it next weekend. Im piecing together everything needed right now. Second im running apr stage 2+ and im on a budget trying to hit stage 3. I have everything but injectors. So if i go ahead and drop this thing in there will it be ok to run it at 2+ untill i pick up rs4 injectors? Provided I keep the boost at a 2+ level? I was actually looking for a replacement turbo when i found this one. My stock one is going bad very quickly and im burning up oil and such. I also lose almost all boost around 5k rpm. Also if anyone has the 5 bolt gt flange that converts to the 4 bolt stock exhaust flange I could really use one! I have a B&B TBE and dont wanna hack the flange off to make it work. Gotta keep it clean! Lastly the waste gate hangs past the manifold and im not sure if that will have enough clearance as you can see in the pics. So i may have to do an external wastegate im thinking? Thanks for the help and if anyone has rs4 injectors that could help me out at a good price please let me know!! Thanks for the help!! Jettagon