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    Thread: 50 shades

    1. Junior Member
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      May 25th, 2009
      Northwest NJ
      2001 EV GLS; 2012 Jetta Sportwagen TDI; 2000 Jetta VR6
      08-12-2012 11:53 AM #1
      In the past month of ownership of my new 2012 Tempest Blue TDI I am seeing that my driver's rear door is a different shade of blue from the front door and rear quarter. I have crawled under with a flashlight and looked all over the trim, plastic, rubber....everywhere for the slightest sign of overspray but nothing found.

      I'm not sure where to start and where it will end if I make this an issue with the dealer or VWoA.

      I bought it at Paul Miller VW in Bernardsville NJ.

      Could this possibly be related to the factory? Is this a battle that could end well or end with 51 shades of blue?


    2. Member FuelInMyVeins's Avatar
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      Feb 8th, 2012
      2014 FG4
      08-14-2012 10:33 PM #2
      I bought my Jetta TDI from Bernardsville too. Go to the dealer first see what they gonna say.
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    3. Member DrewL's Avatar
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      Sep 17th, 2006
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      08-15-2012 01:13 PM #3
      I was beginning to think it was just me....I have the same issue with mine. While I do believe they are the same color, it does look funny from afar and straight on. I did not inquire about this with my dealer as I think it will disappear after the first good detail (I hope).

    4. Member LEBlackRob's Avatar
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      Feb 1st, 2012
      08-17-2012 12:13 PM #4
      Factory paint defects are rare. Now when I worked for VW I have seen a car that come from the plant with mismatched door which was funny and off all at the same time. This was only once and VW came and took the car from the dealer ship like WTF we need to fix this. This all happened in 2010 and the car in question was a TDI cup, and for some reason the car was tornado red and the rear driver side door was almost salsa red. This was caught at the dealership level but I could only assume that VW would be all over rectifying this issue for you. Sorry to hear this bud but I wish you the best of luck on getting this handled.

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      May 28th, 2000
      Maple Grove, MN
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      08-17-2012 12:55 PM #5
      Paint has metallic and a little pearl so it will appear differently from different angles and light. And differently in the sun versus fluorescent lights.

      I just had an accident with my Tempest blue JSW and the paint looks perfect.

    6. n00b
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      Oct 10th, 2012
      Davenport Florida
      2013 VW Tempest Blue JSW TDI 1999.5 Golf TDI
      10-10-2012 03:01 PM #6
      Got my 2013 Tempest Blue JSW about a month now. The wife talked me into getting the extra warranty and tak tek which protects the paint. The detailer at the dealer scratched my hood while applying the tak tek go figure. I didn't see it until it was in my garage the next day. Upon seeing this I went over the rest of the body very carefully to find factory defects in the paint as well. Called dealer and went back there next day. Waited 2 weeks to finally hear back about them fixing the scratch and defects. They said they'll make appointment and send it to the body shop. Wish I could have the factory take it back and respray it.

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      Dec 4th, 2006
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      10-10-2012 03:39 PM #7
      It might have been damaged during transport.
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