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    Thread: If F1 drivers competed in the Olympics....

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      Apr 15th, 2004
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      08-12-2012 11:33 AM #1
      Here are some sports they might try their luck in:

      Jenson Button - Triathlon The ginger milestone is one of the fittest drivers in the field and has competed in quite a few triathlons over the last few years, so putting JB in the triathlon would be a no-brainer.

      Jessica Michibata (Mrs J.B.) – Beach Volleyball Being a professional lingerie model, the adorable Jessica M. would score quite a few points before the game began. Rumour has it that Eddie Jordan volunteered to be the sun cream applicator for the Irish beach volleyball team – all that ginger hair and sensitive skin would take a lot of protecting. If he had time, he’d even consider helping the women’s team.

      Fernando Alonso – Football Fernando is a regular player for F1 football teams. He’d be great in an Olympic football team…provided he got to pick the other 10

      Felipe Massa – Cycling Felipe likes to get out on a bike to survey the grands prix tracks, paced by his faithful domestique Rob Smedley.

      Kimi Raikkonen – Gymnastics Kimi Raikkonen would be a good choice for the men’s gymnastics. Rumour in the pitlane has it that he’s very good at the bars, after which he spends time on the floor. Developing his routine, obviously.

      Kamui Kobayashi – Boxing Kamui could take his love of physical contact in races into the boxing ring. He’d probably face a Venezuelan in the first round.

      Pastor Maldonado – 10km Walk Pastor Maldonado is used to walking a long way back from where he’s parked his battered and smoking Williams-Renault.

      Paul DiResta - Tennis Who knows if Paul is able to swing a raquet but he’s Scottish and as gloomy as Andy Murray.

      Lewis Hamilton – Pole Vaulting Lewis will have to vault himself to a few more poles if he wants to claw back his defecit to Fernando.

      Michael Schumacher – Canoeing After Michael’s recent forays into the tyre barriers in Germany and the Hungaroring, when his car aquaplaned in the wet, canoeing would be good for the seven times Weltmeister. At least they’d give him a paddle to steer. Though he’d probably brake it and not finish.

      Sebastian Vettel No idea what sport Sebastian would take up but he’d insist on being in Lane No.1. We’re sure he’d “try something, try something!”

      Mark Webber – Basketball As F1 is full of shortarses, it makes a nice change to see a six-footer and so Webbo but would be down as first choice on the team sheet for basketball. Though we’ve heard Pastor is good at dribbling.

      Sergio Perez – Rowing All the great rowers are strapping 6’ 4” blokes with massive shoulders and huge rippling muscles. Sergio would be the cox.

      Narain Karthikeayn – High Jump Preparing himself for the end of the season.

      Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari – Badminton Red Bull special advisor Helmut Marko sacked them last season because he didn’t think they were
      Form is temporary; Class is permanent

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      08-12-2012 03:33 PM #2
      How much longer until Spa?

    3. Member nickthaskater's Avatar
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      08-15-2012 02:36 AM #3
      At least quote the source (however obvious it may be given that PF1 is the only place that refers to Button as "the ginger milestone" for some unknown reason)


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