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    Thread: FOR SALE: 17x7 REV (4x100, 4x108)

    1. 08-13-2012 12:47 AM #1
      Your Location: Colchester, CT

      Item Description: Up for sale are my recently-acquired 17" REV wheels. They look JUST like an Enkei RPF-1 and are actually very light. I would put them around 17lbs apiece, but I can verify that if you'd like. They are in fantastic shape considering age, but need to be cleaned up and repainted since the clear on the lips has be sun burnt in some spots and the metal has been very lightly etched. This HAS NOT in ANY WAY affected the metal's integrity. If it had, I would not be selling these wheels. The only flaw is about 3" of very light curb rash on one wheel, and all center caps need new decals. Otherwise, they really are like new aside from the finish on the lips. The paint on the centers is literally flawless I am willing to repaint these wheels for anyone who is interested in buying them, as I plan to repaint them whether they sell or not. When refinished, I will be media blasting them down to bare metal and cleaning them before I completely and correctly repair the minor rash in preparation for primer and paint. Planned color is high-performance silver to make them look exactly like Enkei RPF-1s, unless you'd like something else. If I had the money for tires, I would be keeping these wheels and running them on my car. It is unfortunately not in the cards, though.


      NOTE** If you would like these wheels refinished in any capacity or color other than high-performance silver before I ship them to you, I will require a $200 deposit. I apologize for this, but I simply do not have the money and time to waste.

      Asking/Offering Price:
      $300 OBO PLUS SHIPPING in current condition
      $400 OBO PLUS SHIPPING with current paint scheme and refinished lips only
      $450 OBO PLUS SHIPPING repainted in a solid color
      $550 OBO PLUS SHIPPING repainted with polished lips


      What they will look like painted silver...

      Or gold...

      Or black...

      Or green...
      Solo Automotive Magazine
      Keegan|Brock Development

    2. 08-19-2012 02:34 AM #2
      Solo Automotive Magazine
      Keegan|Brock Development

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