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    Thread: Help locating an incident report

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      Nov 12th, 2006
      08-13-2012 01:00 PM #1
      Hey guys,
      Upon reading this article about the small airport in my hometown:


      I was intrigued by this paragraph:

      Meanwhile last week, Tominack was alerted to an incident at the airport involving a late-model jet fighter. Its occupants told the airport it had lost its canopy, which is the glass that covers the cockpit. Tominack said the plane landed safely and no one was injured.

      ''The canopy landed in an undeveloped area,'' he said, noting no structures or people were struck by the glass.
      How would I find the incident report? To my knowledge, there are no "fighter/trainer" jets that call HLG home, aside from this one:

      I took the photo before a lesson last year and I'm 100% certain it wasn't airworthy at the time...I guess I'd just like to know if the owner finally got it flying. If it wasn't this particular jet, I'd like to figure out what kind of jet it was, and also who owned it.


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      08-13-2012 10:17 PM #2
      There may not be any report if there was no airframe damage. Try talking to the folks at the local FBO if you want to find out what happened. If they're in the mood to talk, they might be your only source.
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    3. 08-17-2012 09:01 AM #3
      in for later if you figure out what happened.

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