about 3 weeks ago my right turn signal went out. either later in the day or the next day the left turn signal went out too. little weird but i went and grabbed new bulbs and removed the tail lights.

i pull out the left side first, and the bulb is shattered and the opening in which the bulbs fit into has melted and warped in shape. no longer big enough to fit the bulb, hence why it cracked it. the weirdness just keep adding and when i pulled the right side, the exact same thing. at this point, im wondering how the hell did both bulbs burn out, melt the housing and break. i had to dremel the opening to a circle to get the bulbs in and ive been fine until yesterday. started my car, have another bulb out warning on my right side again. im probably going to jinx it but the left side hasnt come up yet and i have no idea what keeps happening. why do bulbs keep blowing?

i used these tail lights on my 06' GTI and never had any issues. btw, they are the OEM european r32 tail lights. i have changed nothing in my car before these problems started and it came out of nowhere.

does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?