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    Thread: Wideband AFR and Boost reading Video

    1. Member G60 Carat's Avatar
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      08-15-2012 05:03 PM #1
      This is for "jeffs vw" as per our convo about AFR's. But though I would share.

      This was just taken after replacing a bunch of parts a nitrous back fire. The charger is off a buddies Syncro Wagon he parted. It was just rebuilt by him, maybe 3 months before the engine got parted out. It's not ported or modified at all, stock rebuild.

      The Pulley is a 68mm Neuspeed, 3.5 FPR, Volvo Pink EV6 injectors (260cc), Schrick 272cam, SNS STG4 chip.

      You will notice on tip in and on the shift it goes lean(er) for a second. So every time the WOT switch is first clicked it takes the ecu aprox 1 second or so to figure it out, and fatten back up. And as you can see my AFR's are pretty rich and then they do start to lean back out up high, I believe this is do the injectors sizing and also pretty sure they go static at 5200rpm or about 12psi which ever comes first. But it idles and cruises around 14.5:1, gets absolutely stellar fuel economy nowadays ( I went years with sub 13mpg and fouling off plugs due to a ground wire with high resistance off the ECU)

      (these pulls are with no nitrous in case it's not obvious)

      3rd gear pull from the basement (about 2000rpm)

      Boost reading again 3rd from about 3000rpm
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    2. 08-15-2012 08:00 PM #2
      well im gonna try bbm stage 5 chip with 440 injectors and see what happens. you pulls look good.

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      08-16-2012 02:06 PM #3
      Awesome Stuff Matey!!!! Can't wait to get a wideband on my car so I can get it dialed in!!
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