I'm looking for a set of dedicated snow/winter tires (not all season tires) in a 185 or 195 with a 60 or 65 sidewall for 14" rims. I can get a new set mounted and balaced on one of my several sets of 14" wheels for $375. So in order for me to be interested the tires must be in good shape and shipped to me (or a very short drive) and be only a couple hundred bucks. Mounted tires are okay, but I'm not willing to pay extra for wheels since I already have several sets. I could also be interested in a set of 195 55 or 50 on 15" 4X100 wheels. Again the tires would have to be in good shape - don't care about the cosmetic condition of the wheels (but they must be straight with no hops, bends, wave, etc) and they would have to be inexpensive since I can get a new set of 14" snows mounted for under $400. I'm not on vwvortex much so hit me at vwstarfan@yahoo.com and put Snow Tires in the subject.