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    Thread: Tsb

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      08-16-2012 10:34 PM #1
      2009 gti needs a software update for a Tsb. The t.p.m.s. light is on I would like to turn off system or just the light. I have a vagcom! How do I do these things?

    2. 08-17-2012 09:49 AM #2
      You start by reading the sticky "Please Read This Before Posting..." and you follow its directions.

    3. 08-17-2012 01:31 PM #3
      Respectfully even with a scan.
      We don't assist here with such a type of request for TPMS sensor removal, because this is illegal.
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    4. 08-19-2012 10:57 AM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by Jack@European Parts View Post
      Respectfully even with a scan.
      We don't assist here with such a type of request for TPMS sensor removal, because this is illegal.
      It is only manditory on 2012+ models and those who have done wheel swaps or run winter tires on separate wheels and tires (in wheel sensors) have done this regularly. I know MKV Jetta/Golfs used in wheel sensors instesd of ABS TPMS.

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      08-19-2012 10:57 PM #5
      Technically some form of TPMS is required on all cars <8700gvw manufactured as of September 2007 for the US market. But unlike emission laws, the legalities after it leaves the dealer lot are a bit fuzzy.

      AFAIK, It is illegal for a shop to disable the system, but it is perfectly legal for a shop to install aftermarket wheels, remove sensors, etc, as long as they leave the light blazing on the dash. It is also not illegal for a backyard DIY-er to disable the system on their own vehicle.

      I thought VW went back to indirect (wheel-speed sensor) TPMS last year? If so, any matching set of tires should not illuminate the warning provided equal pressure. Uneven tires (for example one new tire and 3 worn tires) might turn the light on though.

      I also recall a method for recoding older models from direct (in-tire sensor) TPMS to indirect TPMS, which would be perfectly legal. We would need a scan to offer any help to the OP though.
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      08-21-2012 03:02 PM #6
      The system can be turned completely off. Your car, your choice, your resonsibility.

      PM sent.

    7. 08-21-2012 10:30 PM #7
      I stand corrected. The EU was 2012 for TPMS and the U.S. was 2007.

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