Hello folks,
I'm sure there are several people asking the same question: "Why another VW forum?"

The answer is pretty simple, really. A few of us came up with an idea to bring the separate VW scenes in Texas together in one place. There are a few forums out there that are more tailored to their perspective local groups, but we thought it would be great to have our own place to get together as a state. We are all a part of this community, and as a community, we need a centralized forum. We have a lot of really cool ideas to bring the community together in person, but we need a good underlying structure before we can make that happen. When we built this, we had and have no intentions of replacing other forums or driving people away from other forums. We simply wanted to bring the community together as a whole. With Slabwagen, we are hoping to accomplish that. The possibilities are virtually endless. One of the awesome features about Slabwagen is the fact that the forum, the dedicated server it runs on, and all the connections are privately owned and managed. This means if the community has an idea they would like to see, like a community chat, we can make that happen. Keep in mind we are still changing things, implementing new ideas, optimizing the server for faster response and cleaning up design.

If you'd like to be apart, feel free to register @ slabwagen.com