well sadly i paid about 1500 dollars for the full interior and paid about 7...(i dont even like saying it) to have the interior torn down and reupholstered,about 250 for the seat belt pads and about 1200 if you were to buy just the door panels so about a total of 10,000$ for the work and parts it is top of the line and is just as tight and high quality as factory leather work

i literally had the seats done about 3 months ago and since then ive driven the car about 3 times with the seats in the car, there in mint condition

only reason they need to go is i got my hands on a set of euro rs4 seats that will be here within the next 2-3 weeks

i am willing to ship but buyer will have to cover expenses which im sure isnt cheap

full heated, all airbags in,custom upholstered,custom embroidered,mint condition,imported leather, and custom matching audi seatbelt pads as well

original seat price-1500 in rough condition
custom re upholstery with imported luxury leather and embroidery-7000
custom european fabric and embroidered selt belt pads-250
all four door panels-600 private buy and god knows what at dealer cost

For 6200 picked up the full set of seats front and back and door panels and seat belt pads are yours they are mint condition, full heat and power, and you save about 2 grand and you dont have to wait a month to receive them , you can also sell your stock seats for a quick profit
Keywords: brand new custom recaro interior

feel free to contact me directly at 6092767011 please dont waste my time if you dont have the money in hand to pick them up and dont bother offering me extremely low offers, these seats are top quality rare custom seats with all airbags , harnesses, full power and heated and brand new