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    Thread: Advice on buying G60 engine

    1. 08-17-2012 11:17 PM #1
      Hey everyone,

      I found this Engine for sale without the supercharger for what seems like a great deal. Whole block and all, intake manifold. He is letting it go for ~$500 and he says it has been very recently rebuilt (Ported/Polished). It looks really clean on the outside plus we have talked for a while so i believe him. The only thing is the engine was in an accident where the car rolled, thats all i know. I know its not much to go off but what are the chances of an engine getting damaged if it was rolled? anyone ever had this experience?

      I would really like to buy this but would hate to find out it is damaged..what would you guys do in my situation? im not sure what to look for in an engine that has been through this type of accident..
      take it easy, relax.

    2. 08-17-2012 11:58 PM #2
      If he can show the receipts for the rebuild and flow #'s for the port work then it might be worth it.

      Ported/polished could mean nothing without flow #'s or proof that the work was done by a person that is reputable.

      Full PG/G60 long blocks are pretty plentiful and I see them anywhere from $100-300 in used working condition.

      I have a 0 mile rebuilt PG/G60 long block I'd sell for a really good price. If your interested PM me for more details.

    3. 08-18-2012 09:53 PM #3
      Unfortunately the guy does not have any receipts whatsoever :/ and i wouldnt want to go through the trouble of taking the engine to a shop to have them test it or whatever...so looks like i will have to pass on that one.. PMing you tho
      take it easy, relax.

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