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    Thread: 94 Rado VRT Project!?!?!

    1. n00b VRTRado94's Avatar
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      Aug 18th, 2012
      Rockford, IL
      01 VW Passat 20V, 94 VW Corrado 12V
      08-18-2012 08:35 AM #1
      Ok just bought a 94 Rado and so far in love with it but it's toooooooo slowwww so I've came down to obviously makin the 12V turboed sounds logical to me, now I've came across a 3.2 stroker kit that seems like a fun little project within a project. So my question is has anyone done the stroker kit from eurospecsport.com with a garrett gt3582r? Oh and what's a good place for drivetrain upgrades? Any suggestions will help since I'm looking to do this during the winter and hopefully have it running by end of next summer

    2. Member stealthmk1's Avatar
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      Aug 16th, 2001
      Philadelphia, PA
      84 GTI/86 4000q/92 VR6T/07 Rabbit/12 GTI/97 F-350
      08-20-2012 12:28 PM #2
      You might want to post in the FI forums too.

    3. Member masterqaz's Avatar
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      Oct 4th, 2007
      Oakville Ont
      95 gti 24vt toy, 04 tdi golf economy, 94 gti 12vt sold
      08-20-2012 02:16 PM #3
      Quote Originally Posted by stealthmk1 View Post
      You might want to post in the FI forums too.
      They did
      diesel life cause cold feet are fun....

    4. 08-20-2012 05:49 PM #4
      The idea is good. In reality bad. The cylinder walls of your engine would be very thin after that stroke to 3.2 and adding F/I to that will cause your engine to blow. I suggest if you do go F/I and you are hell bent on making extra power with the F/I(turbo or S/C application)get a good P&P on your head, Bigger valves, or both. A P&P'd head,BVH, or both BVH and P&P will yield more power for your F/I application and you won't have to run as much boost through it to attain your desired power level. Also if you decide to work your cylinder head think about cams too they add a good bump to a F/I application just make sure you have the right programming and big enough injectors to compensate for the A/F or else you risk going lean and then Boom. If you are hell bent on upping displacement too(upping displacement on 12v VR6's only really adds torque and maybe 5-12whp if that)I would not recommend anything past 2.9L. However getting your head worked would be much cheaper than getting a stroker kit. Good luck none the less.

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