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    Thread: Transmission slippage??

    1. Semi-n00b
      Join Date
      Aug 8th, 2012
      2003 Beetle GLS 1.8T sport edition
      08-18-2012 11:33 PM #1
      I've been noticing lately when I first start the car, cold. It shifts into D pretty good, no hesitation at all. But after the cars warmed up or has been driven for awhile, when I shift into another gear to say park the car, it hesitates for a couple seconds before going into gear. Now what coul dbe the culprit? I'm guessing it's low on tranny fluid, but could it also be the valve body? The trans was rebuilt less than 50k miles ago, and the company that does it has a warranty that cover 5yrs, 50k miles.. Any suggestions?

      I figure take the car back an dsee what they say, but I wanted to hear wha tyou guys think? I also, have a brand new trans filter and 4lts. of Pentosin ATF sitting on the side waiting to be used....

    2. Junior Member J.P. 8V's Avatar
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      Feb 24th, 2011
      Westchester County NY
      2001 superslo Beetle, 1995 GMC Yukon
      08-24-2012 07:53 PM #2
      Change the fluid out put the new filter in then do a vag-com transmission reset and cross your fingers if it's the 01M auto it may not make a difference as that tranny sucks I know I have one and it has a mind of its own I just get used to it

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