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    Thread: Key problem.. Changed fob batteries and now it no workie..

    1. 08-19-2012 03:49 AM #1
      Ok so I think I have a pretty good problem here. About 3 years ago the key broke off of the switchblade part of my key. I found out that you can't start the car without the actual fob being up close to the steering column so I said screw it.. I would leave the "key" part in the ignition and kept the fob in my pocket. No big deal.. right? It has worked like that for years so I never thought twice about it. The other day I had to hit the lock button quite a few times and get near the car to get it to work so I figured the battery was ready to be replaced.. I went and picked up 2 identical batteries today and after changing them.. The fob no longer works and I can't get into the car. Never did have a valet key.. The only "key" is in the ignition . Ideas? LOL I am guessing I have to call a locksmith to get the key portion back out, but what about the fob itself? Has it finally bit the dust and I will have to replace it or is this normal after putting new batteries in it. I am pretty sure I have changed them in the past and never had to do anything special and that it just "worked". Luckily I have other vehicles to drive so its not a huge problem, but it is something I need to get worked out none the less. Help a dumbass out

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      08-19-2012 04:21 AM #2
      When I changed the batteries on my fob I had to put the key in the door and lock it and it reconfigured the fob with the car.

    3. 08-19-2012 12:48 PM #3
      bumping it up..

      Anybody have any ideas?

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      08-19-2012 12:56 PM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by drunkmike View Post
      bumping it up..

      Anybody have any ideas?
      you must be drunk, mike
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    5. 08-19-2012 02:10 PM #5
      Thanks for the help..

      I am going to call a locksmith to come and pop my door so I can get the key out of the ignition at least.. If my alarm goes off when the door opens, will starting the car like I normally do disable it? The immobilizer part was never taken apart so I at least know that is still intact. I am lost as to why I drove the car all day yesterday like normal.. Locked it when I got home then came inside and changed the batteries in the fob.. Walked back outside and it no longer worked at all. I tried putting the original batteries back in and no go.. No idea WTF happened in those 5 minutes that it no longer works at all?

      If I can at least get the car started and running I will just leave the damn thing unlocked.. I am just worried that I won't be able to disable the alarm once I do get in it.. VW fixed my broken window regulator like 8 years ago and the door key lock has not worked right since. Anybody with some more insight on my little problem here? lol

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