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    Thread: Ignition Lock Cylinder Question!! Good pics!

    1. Member kersekerse's Avatar
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      Nov 28th, 2009
      Huntington Beach
      02 VW GTI 1.8T, 66 Plymouth Belvedere
      08-19-2012 07:29 PM #1
      Okay, so I am replacing the ignition lock cylinder and I have come to a halt.

      Once you get everything apart, there are 2 security bolts holding it in place behing the steering

      wheel. They are like rivets at the top and I followed a DIY exactly and they will not come up!

      here is the DIY I followed:


      Here is what they look like before I dremled them:

      This is what they are holding on:

      This is where I am stuck, they will NOT come up with a screw driver any which way:

      I do not know where to go from here and I don't want to pay the dealer to do the work and ONLY
      let me use a new part from the dealer when I can get one out of another car.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    2. 08-23-2012 03:01 PM #2
      use a hammer and a chisel to turn them out which will be the best way to take them out unless you have a air hammer which is how I take them out I can get them out in 20/30 seconds

    3. Banned vortexpert.'s Avatar
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      Sep 27th, 2009
      Surprise, AZ
      68 chevelle, 98 GTI VR6 S/C, 00 hombre, 02 1.8t jetta wagon, Haro Mirra 540 Air
      09-03-2012 12:33 AM #3
      air hammer is a great tool!
      i use these too,
      P.S. i hate matco tools, i think they are junk and so is the online catalog.


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