VWVortex.com - 2012 jetta type s 17x8 5x112 45mm offset 6.28" Backspace 73.1mm hub bore?
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    Thread: 2012 jetta type s 17x8 5x112 45mm offset 6.28" Backspace 73.1mm hub bore?

    1. Junior Member fastone11's Avatar
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      Sep 2nd, 2007
      Countryside, Virginia
      2001 Audi TT 225HP 1.8T AMU AWD 6 Speed ESP
      08-19-2012 08:45 PM #1
      Just bought the new 2012 jetta s type 5 speed 2.0. Wonderful car.
      Stock are steelies 5x112X15" 41mm offset 5.375" backspace. hub bore 58mm
      Wanting to know if 5x112 17"x8 with 45mm offset and 6.28" backshub hub bore 73.1 will work straight up or spacer or hub ring needed? Any input would be appreciated.
      will be running 225/45r17 tires
      Also a choice of if better....
      5x112 17"X7.5" 40mm offset unkown backspace and 73.1 hub bore.

      Kinda wanting to be assured all is in order before I drop The $$$$ on another project/issue awaiting in the curtains.
      Is it so fast it's stable or is it so stable it's fast???

    2. Member Airy32's Avatar
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      Nov 14th, 2007
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      08-19-2012 09:39 PM #2
      This looks curiously similar to the other thread

      Just do the 17x8. If you're buying the wheels new from any reputable place they should be including hub rings to fit the application. If not, you'll have to source them elsewhere to reduce the bore from 73.1 to 57.1. Spacers shouldn't be necessary.

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