So I have an ABA in my MKII. Long story short, I pulled the motor out, fixed a few things on it, shaved the engine bay, extended the wiring, and then got it running before H2O last year. The night before we were going to leave, the car stopped running and hasn't run since. It has fuel, timing, compression, and spark. Scanned the car with the VAG COM and the only thing it threw a code for was the hall sensor. So...we tested the sensor per the instructions in the Bentley and the sensor is pulsing the way it should. Checked the OHM rating on the crank sensor to make sure it wasn't dead and it fell within factory specs. Checked the following wires for continuity: hall sensor plug, crank sensor plug, coil sensor plug, and injector wiring. The car cranks but won't start up. Swapped ECU's and it didn't make a difference. Checked all the grounds for continuity and even re-did some of them to make sure they're solid with good connections. Ignition coil is brand new. Is there something I'm missing? Any suggestions of what to check next? Is it possible for the hall sensor to throw a code even though it appears to be functional?

Link to the build in case you care:!