I'm going to be sharing as much as possible, so I'll use this thread to do so.

I picked up the car from APR on Friday. Left about noon and got back to Orlando by 7:30pm.
Pretty much did no more than 10mph over the entire 466 mile drive. Georgia cops are ridiculous.
60 miles of I-75 in Georgia, we saw 17 cops looking for speeders. Then we hit the Florida border and drove exactly 80 miles before we saw the first speed trap.
I've been to APR twice, prior to this trip and got pulled over in Georgia both times, on way home. I vowed not to get pulled over again. I was lasered a few times, but not pulled over.

At this time, I can not post any dyno #'s or anything too specific. Arin will be releasing all the info within a few weeks, from what I understand. Car is fast and I'm sure will be made faster as I go. Once APR is done pushing a few of their Golf R blocks to the limit, they will be releasing a head upgrade for our cars. Software to go along with it. I'll likely do that and call it a day, as I'm not really wanting to go Stage 4......But who knows.

You may notice that I no longer have Forge's Twintercooler on....Well, As I'm sure APR will soon show/share, the APR intercooler performed better. To be fair, the data logging shows the Forge to be a decent intercooler and absolutely performed better than the stock set-up, but as you go through all the logs, each time the rpms went up, the temp curve rose higher than the same curve using the APR intercooler. The APR recovered a tad faster as well. Personally, I would not tell anyone to go with one over the other, but the data did show the APR set-up to be more efficient.

Today, I took the car to my exhaust guy and had him remove the catalytic converter. While under the car, I said, "hey, let's just remove this entire section"....That being the cat and first muffler/resonator.
The APR/RSC exhaust is amazing in that it's able to really be a Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde system.
While cruising home, I think the soundakator on a stock R would create more drone than APR's exhaust. Under WOT it's like all hell is breaking loose, but not in an obnoxious way. Just a ton of air being sucked in and forced out with a vengeance.
That being said, I'm one of the those that wanted a little more noise all around.

Well, the little high-flow cat and pre-silencer sure do a lot, cause now my car is way louder under WOT......So much so, that I may have the pre-silencer re-installed...I'm going to enjoy the extra noise for now though.

I had an employee use my BlackBerry to make a quick video. I didn't and have not launched the car hard, as you'll notice, but you'll get a sense for how it sounds......I think Toeball will appreciate the turbo spool now noticeable through the exhaust.

I will get my Gopro Hero out soon and take some better video. In car, outside, etc....