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    Thread: FT: 2006 Volvo S60R w/ 60k for R32

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      Oct 10th, 2006
      San Jose, CA
      08-20-2012 03:15 PM #1
      Looking to get back into the VW scene if I can find a clean .:R. This is mostly a feeler as I don't expect to find what I want. Blue or Black. Red I could consider. <60k but the lower the better. West coast car only.

      Will sell outright for the right price.

      2006 Volvo S60R
      Currently 58,8xx miles, will go up as it is DD
      Automatic 6 speed
      Black on Nordicap (dark blue)
      Southern California car since new (I'm 2nd owner)
      Never taken to snow since I have owned it

      Owned this car since about 33,5xx miles and have put about 70% freeway and 30% city. My commute was about 14 miles each way with 2 of those being city miles. I also made multiple 1000 mile round trips back to my parents house since owning it so its probably more like 85/15 over the time I have had it.

      I have maintained this car myself since I bought it. Used Royal Purple 10w-30 every 4k.

      I bought it with a CPO warranty from Volvo that expires at the end of the month. As of now there is nothing wrong with it as it just got a new steering pump installed 2k ago under warranty.

      A few dings in the body (Because people in San Diego don't care about their or other's cars. 2 happened the week after I bought it.)
      Scrape on front bumper. Believe it can be buffed out just haven't done it.
      First owner must have owned a dog because there seems to be claw marks on the aluminum trim.
      Rims have some curb rash. Some from previous owner some from me living downtown.
      Rock chip in the windshield from previous owner. Didn't see it until the day after I bought it because I went at night.

      Installed slotted rotors and Carbotech pads ~5k ago
      New SS brake lines
      New steering pump
      Clear front bra from previous owner
      Runs well with no engine problems. Approx 18mpg for 70% city/ 30% hwy. 22mpg 50/50. 24mpg 30/70.
      Have roof racks with bike rack and ski rack

      Don't have any complaints with the car just find myself wanting to get back into a VW. PM me here with what you have.

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