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    Thread: Too much bounce on my GTI when driving on uneven and malformed roads...

    1. 08-20-2012 04:12 PM #1
      I am just curious whether it's just an impression that I have or it is actually an issue. I have a 2012 GTI (18' rims), when I'm on uneven or malformed roads, any slight unevenness an I feel like the cars bounces too much. I does run fine on smooth roads. I understand that low profile rims will make you feel very close to the ground but it's the bouncing parts that gets to me...note that when I say malformed roads I mean NY, Manhattan has the ****tiest driving experience ever....I'm just wondering if other who own GTI feel the same way.

      Appreciate any thoughts/feedback

    2. Member XM_Rocks's Avatar
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      Jan 29th, 2005
      Austin, TX
      E90 335i and MK6 Golf
      08-24-2012 04:28 PM #2
      Do a search for "shipping blocks" and check to see if they are still in the springs.

      18" wheels do ride much rougher than 17" wheels... I went from 18" to 17" on my MK5 GTI and noticed a huge diff.

      BTW this is the section to sell your MK6.

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