Hey guys, I have a have a question regarding my Intake Manifold vacuum pump.

I am getting an error message P0491; P0492 refereeing to "secondary air injection system insufficient flow".
I checked the connection rods first - they are ok. Next I checked the flapper operation (flapper inside the intake). One (lower one) was seized. I cleaned and polished it, it’s moving freely again.
But I still couldn’t get the vacuum pump to operate the lower (middle speed rev range) flapper. I checked all the vacuum hoses and ended up finding a tiny tear on the vacuum pump itself. It cannot create the vacuum it needs to operate the flapper.
So, the cheapest repair "kit" I found costs $269 (part number 077-198-327 A).
But all I need is the actual pump, numbers on the part: PA6-GF30 and 004538 made by Hella in Germany.

I cannot find the part anywhere.

Did anyone have the same problem and found a better fix then buying a $300 replacement kit to change a $50 part?

Any help is greatly appreciated.