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    Thread: door panel insert/card (the curved wood thing that the door handle goes on) re-upholstery+ extra (first project)

    1. Semi-n00b mean's Avatar
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      Jul 8th, 2012
      Jasper, GA
      2001 mkIV Golf GL 2.sl0w
      08-20-2012 10:01 PM #1
      First of all, when I got the car, the drivers side upholstery was already falling off, and the passenger side was starting. so I knew this would happen. after a few months of driving with shop towels to keep the nasty off my shorts, I was ready to get this over with. I don't have a fancy camera so you will have to deal with my cell and my dark garage.
      SO, to start, OFF WITH THE DOOR PANELS

      The brown one is the Passenger side(freshly fabric), the driver side i had attempted to clean, there is some shop towel still adhered to it in this pic.


      Went to the hardware store and to dinner, came back with this(its meant to strip steel, but it would serve its purpose well).

      One is done, but the other will have to wait til tomorrow.

      The mirror exterior on the passenger side of the car was busted by the prev. owner, so i ordered some new mirrors.

      Cool blue, since the busted one is a blue one and I kinda like the color I got a set in primer black to look good without paint.

      Going to be editing for the progress, until then,
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      TRUST ME. Im from the internet.

      If it ain't fast, It better look good.

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