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    Thread: Adjusting clutch cable

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      May 9th, 2009
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      08-21-2012 10:22 PM #1
      So I am trying to adjust my clutch cable, I have read the pages on BrokeVW and I just have a few questions.

      Is this how I adjust it at the trans end?

      Pull the cable up until the lever is at the 9 oclock position/starts to stiffen up, adjust a 12mm gap between the adjuster, and then let it back down? In theory then the lever will then be 12mm below the 9oclock position allowing 12mm of freeplay before any disengagement happens, correct?

      I assume there is no pedal adjustment, but more of a "if the trans end is adjusted right the pedal will be in spec, or should be"...

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      Apr 15th, 2006
      Clarksville, Tennessee
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      08-22-2012 11:22 AM #2
      Just so others can refer to the same page, as well: http://brokevw.com/releasearm.html

      Yes, all adjustment is done at the trans end of the cable. Once adjusted with the free-play at 12mm (measured at the top beneath the adjustment per the drawing), you should be in good shape so long as there are no other issues (ie. pedal cluster, bent finger, etc., per Broke's list of culprits). When I did mine several years ago (new clutch kit, seals, throw-out bearing, cable, etc.) for the first time, I simply tightened the adjustment to the point of having the lever at 9 o'clock (on the verge of beginning its release action), then backed it off to get the free-play. In all honesty, I "eyeballed" mine (I think I once measured it at 10mm, so it was close... lol) and it has worked well ever since. You will know in short order if the adjustment is off, for it will either not release at all (too much free-play... A lot, in fact...) or slippage will occur (no freeplay at all, thus not fully engaging the clutch). Those are obviously extremes at both ends of the spectrum... As for how many mm the end of the lever travels below the 9 o'clock position, I haven't a clue, since I've never measured it there (your principle theory is correct, though, and the measurement is probably close, if not the same). Hope that helps out.
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      Mar 17th, 2012
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      08-23-2012 12:49 AM #3
      it took me a while to get mine. but when the clutch is at rest the bottom of the bell on the clutch cable should be 12mm =/-0.3mm i think it what it said.

      i found a socket that was exacly 12mm on the outside.. i used that as a gauge.

      the first time i adjusted (on the road) i just turned it .. got in the car and tried it.. and kept doing it until it was fixed. when you have it perfect you'll know. shift will be easy with car running and there will be no creeping when the clutch is in. DO NOT FORGET to tighten the set nut on the adjuster. and dont just hand tighten it like I did.. you'll be back where you started time and time again. find the sweet spot and tighten it down and hopefully that will be the end of it. make sure you arent twisting the black cable too.. you want that to stay put and you screw/unscrew the white bell

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