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    Thread: Mic cable build help.

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      08-22-2012 09:18 PM #1
      So I made my first attempt at custom mic cables today. I bought cable off of eBay and 90* ends for both sides. The wires are supposed to be good and have two + leads, two - leads and the shielding. I pulled apart an off the shelf cable I had and copied it. The mic cable works but the ground noise is TERRIBLE. I tried splitting the shield between the post and the housing and that didn't work. I removed the ground from the male end and that didn't work. And last I routed as you see in the pics to no avail.

      So, I know there are some audio guys one here; what am I doing wrong? I know it's not the mic or board because OTS cables sound great.

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      08-25-2012 01:39 AM #2
      Hey Garrett, only use one each of the blue and white wires. You have basically set up a loop antenna by connecting them like that at both ends.
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      08-27-2012 11:49 AM #3
      You also peeled the shielding too far back. Keep it as close to the terminals as possible.
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      08-31-2012 11:58 AM #4
      Next time, use some heat shrink too.
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