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    Thread: Hello, My story and Regards again to you all

    1. 08-23-2012 04:37 AM #1
      Ric told me that some of you had heard about my recent accident and that I should check in here.

      The story: Pretty simple. I rode motorcycles as well; specifically, I rode sport bikes. I was ridine June 1st in San Francisco where I live and a lady took and unprotected left. From what I can tell from the bike (I have no memory of it) I didn't even have a chance to hit the brakes. I hit her quarter panel and went flying. 100% her fault by her statement to police and witnesses.

      Result: ICU for 2 weeks in coma, given 15% chance to live. Broke two top ribs on right, top rib on left, left shoulderblade, backbone T5, jaw in 3 places and lots of little cracks else where. I had a partial hemotoma in my right Carotid Artery and sever stretching of it which they were pretty sure was going to pop and kill me as that would mean severe loss of blood to brain. Also mt right Brachial lPlexus (all nerves to shoulder and arm) was heavily damaged and tore out of spinal cord at C7 and partialy at C6. Oh and a collapsed lung.

      I spent 6 weeks in the hospital and 11 doing nothing. I get out of by back brace next week. The Carotid Artery is still questionable but they don't want to do a CT scan until October because of how much radiation I've already had. I take blood thinners to ward off a stroke. My right arm has been a challenge and I found that only about five surgeons in the US are experienced in fixing it. Once it is worked on, it will take about 1.5 years for my upper arm muscles to come back and my right hand probably never. I will never ride a motorcycle or be able to race cars again.

      Anyway, thats the story. . . . nothing to do with foxes so I'lll add one thing. Jamie ya never got that fox I have in NY, SOMEONE should take it for parts and use that 16v

    2. Member DubsesdA3's Avatar
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      Mar 13th, 2005
      PHX, unfortunately
      2001 Cabrio GLX
      08-23-2012 09:16 AM #2
      It sounds as if you're recovering well, which is a great thing given that 15%
      Best of luck to you, and please take it easy.
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    3. Member kerensky's Avatar
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      Mar 5th, 2001
      Norman, OK
      '89 Fox GLS, '89 Fox wagon, '73 914, '72 'vert.
      08-23-2012 01:52 PM #3
      Just last night I was discussing with someone why I don't ride, and stories like this are exactly why. If some texting teen or distracted soccer mom turns in front of my Fox, her car is damaged, mine is totalled, but unless I'm driving fairly fast I probably walk away, maybe a stiff neck or something. Same wreck on a bike ... Sorry, I couldn't do that to my family.

    4. Member sippin.fnordies's Avatar
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      May 22nd, 2011
      Dayton, OH
      1988 VW Fox wagon, 1989 VW Fox 2-door (sold), 1979 VW Dasher 4-door(sold),
      08-23-2012 02:08 PM #4
      I'm with kerensky on this one, I like going fast to much to own a motorcycle...I'd just end up dead. Glad that you aren't though! My step dad is a long time bike guy and he always used to say that it wasn't a question of IF you will get into an accident, just a question of WHEN.
      Hope the rest of your healing goes as well as it has been.

    5. Member envy.'s Avatar
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      Jul 27th, 2009
      2011 Golf 2.5 5MT
      08-23-2012 03:01 PM #5
      Wow, that sounds horrible. Glad you made it out alive. Bikes are wonderful things, but they have a hell of a downside sometimes. to you and to a full recovery.

      FWIW I'm still not afraid to one day own one, but definitely aware of how it ends sometimes. If it's a passion of yours then I hope you one day get back on the horse and live to ride again. I couldn't blame you if you walked away at this point though.

      All the best,

    6. Member VR6DUBcity's Avatar
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      Jun 28th, 2011
      2000 Jetta VR6 <-- Dead. 2003 Jetta 2.slow <-- Sold. 1988 Jetta GL
      08-23-2012 07:27 PM #6
      From one rider to another, glad to hear your alive. I hope everying gets better.

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    7. Member efritsch's Avatar
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      Aug 21st, 2002
      Kelowna B.C.
      2004 Golf 2L, 1992 Passat Syncro Wagon, 1987 Fox Wagon (Project)
      08-23-2012 07:52 PM #7
      Yikes! That sounds awful.

      Glad to hear you made it this far and I sincerely hope you make it all the way back.
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    8. Member
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      Mar 13th, 2012
      Harrisonburg, Va
      78, 79, 80 Scirroccos; current- 1988 Fox Wagon
      08-26-2012 07:02 AM #8
      I have been riding for about 33 years now and have broken every bone in my body, with the exception of my right shoulder blade, at least once. I am married and have 7 children who will NOT let me stop riding. I know one day the bikes may be the end of me, but I am happiest when I can get out a couple of days a week and let God's wonders soak in in that special way that is only possible on two wheels. Will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery and good health.


    9. Member
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      Oct 1st, 2007
      Ontario, Canada
      '90 VW Fox Turbo, '93 Grand Cherokee V8
      08-26-2012 12:15 PM #9
      Wow, glad to know you are alive man. Hope you recover fast and fully.

    10. Member
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      Dec 16th, 2005
      Colorado Springs
      1982 BMW 323i; 1999 Honda Accord LX; 1988 Volkswagen Fox GL Wagon
      08-26-2012 05:25 PM #10
      I remember hearing about your accident. I'm glad you're here to tell the story and hope you're able to recover as much as possible!

    11. Member
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      Aug 17th, 2011
      Cold Spring, NY
      '89 Fox Coupe, '04 Jetta GLS Wagon TDi, '88 Fox GL Wagon (project)
      08-28-2012 02:05 PM #11
      man, that is intense. I have always wanted a bike - but will probably opt until we live in the mountains. I guess something like this can happen anywhere.

      Glad you are making as positive a recovery as possible.

      I am thankful I make it home on my bicycle every day - and it's a similar situation - no matter how good a of rider you are - it's the other people around you.

      Keep on keepin' on.

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