Hi there,
I'm all the way from South Africa, I drive a red VW Polo 1.9TDI, 2004 model,
I have joined this forum to ask for help as to where I live the people are kinda incompetent when it comes to VW. no offence.

this is what happens, when I turn left or right there is loud quick pop sound, it sounds like metal gashing against metal, this happens when you turn sharp, especially when you reverse and then turn the other way and go forward again, when this happens there is no continuous sound, its only a quick sounds, happens when I turn after reversing, when going around a corner and there is a small bump or something, so I checked the following:
Tie Rods - looks normal, no wear or something loose or broken.
Strut mounting bearing (one on top of shock) - seems fine, bearing still in good condition.
ball joint - not worn or loose, no movement on it in any way.
CV joint - looks good, enough grease, hub not worn or damaged in anyway.
shock and spring - seems fine, looks normal
stabilizer - seems okay, nothing loose or worn.

So I don't know what to do, the bearings on the wheels are new, the tyres are new, the noise comes from the front left side, the noise comes from the outer side, not inner side or center of car, its between the shock mounting and the disk, if this makes sense at all. I love my car and this is really irritating as this is loud, it does not make the noise when car is standing still, the only way we can get it make the noise is when we jack it up and lower it again and then push the wheel on the 12 position, makes cluck then, when we wiggle wheel on 12 and 6 and 9 and 3 positions there is no play, no movement nothing.

If anyone has advice on this please post,