Basically I'm looking for a driver's mirror with the wiring for heat and remote control, but I don't need the glass and the condition of the shell is not important.

Bonus cash if you have one with a good Colorado Red shell that saves me a trip to the body shop.

Some nimrod, cranked-up on bath salts or jesus juice or whatever, managed to tear the driver's mirror off my door and spike it on the ground. The insurance quote to fix it is less than my deductible, the shell of the mirror just needs a little sanding and a repaint to be OK, and I already have a new asopherical(?) mirror lens in a box in the garage, so I just need the mount wiring, and other internals.

Post up or PM to let me know what you've got, and what you want for it with shipping to 43201. Keep in mind that I can get a new one from Latvia for $80 shipped.