3D printing is one of the most essential advances in living memory. The machines work by building an object from the molecular level up, “printing” tiny pieces of it until the whole is completed. A team of students from Belgium have “printed” a 3D printer car which not only runs, but strikes 60 mph from 0 in 4 seconds. Will you be in the market to sell or purchase a used or new auto? If this could be you, learn more on our websites at Spokane car!

Hold those fossil-fueled horses and 3D printer car is electric

Anybody recalls the “food replicators” in “Star Trek: The Next Generation?” An individual asked for a dish and it was produced for them out of thin air. Not only is it possible, it's here. It's called 3D printing.

Also called “additive manufacturing” and “stereo lithography,” according to Forbes, it first came out in the 1980s, and then referred to as “rapid prototyping.” Essentially, one feeds the promises to the machine, often from a computer-aided drafting or CAD program, and then the printer uses whatever material is federal reserve to it, such as plastic or metal, and constructs the product to specification, often creating layers at the molecular level, producing an object or components.

According to the Daily Mail, there has been a 3D printer vehicle created. It uses electric power too.

A quick vehicle

The vehicle is named the Areion and has an electric power train as a soapbox racer. It is not street legal, so do not try to get auto financing credit for it yet, according to Business Insider; it weighs only 617 pounds.

The vehicle was produced by engineers from a university. They went to 3D printing business Materialize and put the plans into the 3D printer.

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The vehicle was taken to England’s Silverstone race circuit after initial screening and assembly and then to a Formula One German Gran Prix circuit. The vehicle took about three weeks to create with the 3D printer, and all they had to do was bolt on wheels and suspension and install en electric drive train.

The car goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds and hit a top speed of 87 mph.

Just press print

According to Inhabitat, there is a race called Formula Student where students can produce and enter race vehicles into races. The Areion is the entry that the students will be putting to the race.

3D printing is being used for a lot of goods, and cars may just be the next one. It will probably be a while before you have head to a dealer and print out your magic Toyota.

Leno utilizes 3D printing for parts of his cars that are out-of-production, according to Popular Science, and 3D printing is used for prototypes all the time. There are a lot of parts already made this way.


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