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    Thread: Anyone need a good cheap honest mechanic?

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      Dec 2nd, 2008
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      08-31-2012 10:08 AM #1
      I was not sure what area to put this in. So if this is the wrong place sorry.

      I found a local guy "doug" who has worked at the VW dealer for the last 17 years that dose side work out of his house. He says he can do anything from a 1930 Ford to a 2013 VW. Anything you need done. O and he is super fast. Timing belt was done in a little over a hour and a half. Motor mounts on another car of mine 2 hours. Rates are also super cheap. How this guy some love. Nothing like getting dealer service for the price of a pizza. Here is a link to his add.

      http://delaware.craigslist.org/aos/3215624621.html Tell him you herd about him from Dave.
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