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    Thread: How to get cool outside air IN without AC on ??

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      Nov 9th, 2009
      Bellows Falls , VT
      02 ALMS,Audi TT
      09-08-2012 09:53 AM #1
      2001 Audi TT,ALMS Edition ,Is there a way to get outside vent air into cabin without having the AC on .I cant seem to make that work .It is cool here in Vermont and dont need to run the ac if outside air can be used . any help appreciated.

    2. Member VWBugman00's Avatar
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      Mar 16th, 2009
      Kennewick Wa
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      09-17-2012 03:42 PM #2
      Just keep your cabin air filter clean, and turn your air fan on, with it all the way in the blue. It should blow in the cold air from the outside. At least it works on mine. The biggest problem though is that stuff gets clogged in there where the filter sits, like leaves and twigs. Too many people don't keep this filter clean (lack of knowing that it's there I think). Just a thought.
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