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    Thread: BK Vid..

    1. Member Mr Ruckus's Avatar
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      Aug 14th, 2001
      Toronto AKA Screw face Capital.
      1984cc of pure sex.
      09-11-2012 09:37 PM #1
      My buddy slapped this together.. enjoy.

      I HATERS If you are looking for older VW parts you usually check the wreckers, You want over priced junk? hit up B3VW Hasan.

    2. Member buggyboy20's Avatar
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      Aug 13th, 2008
      Port Credit
      '91 G60 auto Corrado...yes its auto'91 B3 Wagon...t-red beauty...always looking for more
      04-19-2013 10:32 PM #2
      Let's get this straight...you come to Oshawa and pick up an alternator for $45...it doesn't work and are offered your money back with return of said alternator...time is made and more than one attempt is made to meet up with you for the exchange so you aren't out from driving back to Oshawa...you never show at the agreed upon locations and refuse to answer your phone to say you're not coming...then you ask again for your money back but don't have the alternator any more as you used it for the core charge getting another...which means that you did get value for it but somehow still expect a refund...and now you've got a sig for all your posts slamming someone who tried to make things right but you have been too much of a child with the lies of meeting for a refund when you had no intention of doing so and had already gotten rid of it...grow up little man and stop with the sig as I can find more people here than you could possibly imagine telling of how straight a seller Hasan really is...we don't need to see your opinion when its nothing but garbage...and just so anyone wants to know I was with Hasan when the sale went down and through the multiple attempts to make it right with you...as your own words have stated in the past in your own threads keep your 16V crap and trash talk to yourself..
      What would you do for $1million? Buggyboy20@live.ca White_dave@live.ca. 249 877 0020/I]

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