I have retrofitted cruise control on my Polo 9n3 2008 1,4 TDI.
Now the traction control light is constantly on when I start the car. The ABS light comes on after the first brake. I'd like to know if it's just the clock spring that is broken? I'd be happy to replace it if I know that it will help. A friend helped me read fault codes, and this is what we found.

Control Module Part Number: 6Q0 907 379 AS
Component and/or Version: ESP 8.0 front H05 0003
Software Coding: 0002368
Work Shop Code: WSC 00788
1 Fault Found:
00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85)
008 - Implausible Signal

The new stalk I used is from an Skoda Fabia with number: 6Q0 953 503 EJ
Could it have anything to do with my problem?

I have done the basic setting and it doesn't help. In fault codes it says the test is activated.

When I started the whole fitting cruise control thing I didn't know the clock spring was so sensitive, so I didn't lock it in it's position. So I have rotated it several times in each direction. First time I removed and refitted the steering wheel it started clicking from the clock spring, but it stopped after a while.

To me it sounds like I have broken the clock spring. Do anyone have experience from this? Would it solve my problems just to replace the clock spring, or is it something else that needs to be done? Except the basic setting procedure.

The ABS light started to light after the first try to set the basic setting, before that it was only the ESP. Is it related to the G85 as well?

Many questions. But without questions, no answers...