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    Thread: portable painting system, questions on filtering the air

    1. 09-15-2012 08:55 PM #1
      Im looking to do SMALL paint repairs like fenders, trim pieces, bumpers maybe. i have a 25 gallon craftsmen air compraessor and some great quality paint guns. i used to work at a dealership who outsourced a small painting company that would come around with a 25 gallon compressor, a generator, and do similar type repairs to cars on the lot. Im looking to get the cleanest air possible, but dont expect perfection. i hear the farther away from the compressor the filter is, the better it is at taking out water/ impurities

      now before you bash Harbor freight, keep in mind im by no means expecting to mass produce painted items. but i found this filter, and it looks very similar to the setup ive seen in body shops


      would i be able to maybe attach this to the wall with a seperate hose, just off this unit, and maybe attach the hose that is on my compressor to this unit, and get decent results? or is there much more that i need that im not aware of, pleace chime in if your an experienced painter

    2. Member dubsport87's Avatar
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      09-27-2012 11:13 PM #2
      if you want to do it right go to www.colorsonparade.com buy a franchise, they have been doing this sort of thing for 25 years. They would be the ones to help you.

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      09-28-2012 07:02 AM #3
      I can't see the link here at work but hanging a filter on the wall
      would be the way to go. Keep in mind the longer the air hose the
      more cfm/pressure loss you'll have so measure at the gun
      for your settings. Motorcraft makes a filter that has a element like
      a toilet paper roll, it works real good, around $50.00 I think.
      Good luck.

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