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    Thread: AWD stopped working

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      Jul 30th, 2008
      09-18-2012 01:44 AM #1

      I got a A3 3.2, but since most duudes there are 2.0T, I figure I ask my question here.

      My AWD stopped working a while ago and I have been driving in FWD for a while. Now winter is starting to come and don't want to be in FWD mode. I have the HPC controller

      I scanned my car and it came out with this:

      Address 22: AWD Labels: None
      Part No: HW0 5Ha lde x
      Component: Tuning
      Coding: 0000001
      Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
      VCID: 5A9DBE0A9504583

      1 Fault Found:
      00448 - Haldex Clutch Pump (V181)
      014 - Defective - Intermittent

      It indicates the electrical primer pump being defective. Does that mean if I bring the car in as is, they won't swap out my HPC controller or the valve/pressure sensor that came with it? It would be too much a PITA to swap it out just for warranty service (I have some extended warranty that comes with my auto insurance). Hopefully, I can find a mod friendly shop that doesn't know or care that blue box is a aftermarket part.

      I saw this thread where it was just a connector that had to be re-plugged:


      I remember there were a couple of plugs that goes to the HPC module, is one of them directly from the V181 Haldex Clutch Pump?

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      10-12-2012 02:00 PM #2
      Lets check electronics first, lmk when u have time in the next two weeks.
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