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    Thread: possible trade: 1972 bagged continental for well kept audi tt

    1. 09-18-2012 01:44 PM #1
      Ok guys ive been working on this continental for a little while now, and dont get me wrong, i love it. The thing is i want to test the waters as far as a trade goes. Ive always loved tt's so i want to see what's available.

      The car:

      -1972 Mkiv Lincoln Continental - The car is 1 of 12000 ever made for the mkiv platform.

      - original 460 big block, 7.5l with 76xxx original miles

      - original power seats, power windows, and antenna

      - all original leather interior in 8/10 shape

      - original vinyl green top with no rips, tears or blemishes

      - cruise control, heat, ac, interior lights, dash lights all work

      - 15x8 dayton wire wheels with brand new 215/75/15 falken white walls

      - original green shag carpet in great shape

      - has original authenticity badge from ford in 1972 still on the car

      - universal air set up with 2 switches (classy look) for just front and rear, up and down
      * set up was done by previous owner and is ok, but the set up for the tank and lines was kinda
      half assed. all in all it works flawlessly but is kinda a PITA.


      - paint is 8/10 and idk if it's been repainted but if so it was done quite awhile ago because it shows
      it's age. It has it's scratches and bubbling in some spots from where rust is starting to come
      through. Still a beautiful color and shines nicely.

      - no stereo (looking for an original)

      - 1 small crack in the dash (bottom)

      - cracked spot in fender (about the size of a quarter) that looks like someone tryed to fix

      - cluster lights work but are finicky

      - strut tower housing broke when previous owner tryed to drive a 6k pound car as low as it would

      * if i spot any other spots come up or you have any questions in this area let me know/ill let you know


      - plugs and wires

      - rebuilt carb

      - edelbrock filter (still have og blue)

      - alternator

      - window motors (og ford brand)

      This car will seriously turn heads and have people constantly asking you about it. Then once the older crowd has walked away and you lay it out, the young ones come running.

      The car starts everytime and have never had any issues with it!!

      a shot from a strip club shoot....


      for more questions/photos email kennedy4670@gmail.com or pm. thanks!
      Last edited by awpitg; 09-18-2012 at 01:47 PM.
      f/s threads + no pics = fail

    2. 09-20-2012 10:00 PM #2
      We're about in Ohio are you?

    3. 09-21-2012 07:38 PM #3
      im located in the surrounding dayton area, are you local?
      f/s threads + no pics = fail

    4. 09-23-2012 11:34 AM #5
      any interest?
      f/s threads + no pics = fail

    5. 11-02-2012 01:43 AM #6
      bump it up! Ohioians let me know if your interested!
      f/s threads + no pics = fail

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