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    Thread: Mac program to: Download Youtube video and convert.

    1. Member KeiCar's Avatar
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      Jul 22nd, 2002
      2007 Acura TSX / 2013 Toyota Yaris LE
      09-20-2012 05:12 AM #1
      I know there are sites that do this but I was wondering if there is any software you can DL to maybe speed up the process. A batch ability would be perfect but lets not get too crazy. See I have no issue with using the websites that do this, but then its usually another program on the laptop that I need to use to convert the format to something that my phone will read. I haven't done it in a while, maybe the sites now allow you to change the filetype or convert on the fly as its downloading. Also my phone runs Android so there are a bunch of video apps that will play just about any file you can throw at it. Hell the built in video player plays just about everything I tried so far, its really good.

      The one type of file in particular would be to convert whatever YT uses to MP3. Ive done this for music that I couldn't find anywhere else, its great because I don't care about the video most of the time anyway, or its just the lyrics or nothing shown or I have the phone in my pocket, so why waste the battery life keeping the screen illuminated when Im not watching anyway...So.

      anything you recommend.?
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      Aug 8th, 2000
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      09-20-2012 08:16 AM #2
      This is what I use. It allows you to download in all kinds of qualities and different formats


      edit: OOPs.. clicked image instead of link, so the link never showed up
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    3. Senior Member
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      Feb 17th, 2003
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      09-20-2012 01:01 PM #3
      Firefox + Youtube download plugins.

    4. 03-27-2013 11:32 PM #4
      Firefox extension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fir...ownloadhelper/

      Video DownloadHelper 4.9.14
      The easy way to download Web videos from hundreds of YouTube-like sites, then use AppGeeker FLV to MP4 converter to convert youtube flv flash videos to any other file for your iphone.
      I try this one and it's very goood.

    5. Geriatric Member BRealistic's Avatar
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      Dec 16th, 2005
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      03-28-2013 12:25 AM #5
      I don't think anybody mentioned this yet- but there is a Firefox extension that allows this.
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