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    Thread: Looking at an 07 Avant with 70k on it this weekend, help.

    1. 09-20-2012 09:51 AM #1
      I am not too desperate to get into a B7, so this may be a bad deal that I will have to pass on.

      Is there anything I can do during the test drive to give me an initial impression? It's a manual, so my main concern on the thing will be drive-train issues. The price just makes me a little wary, but it's too good to not check out as it's hard enough to find a 6spd Avant in Canada. Will an inspection at the dealership tell me anything I need to know about issues?

      I drove my MK4 from 56k-125k so I am used to the maint.
      Thanks for input


    2. Member mozcar78's Avatar
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      Nov 29th, 2003
      Long Beach, CA
      S1, mk1, mk4, T3 "free candy" edition
      10-22-2012 01:47 PM #2
      What price are they asking? Also, in terms of what to look for..... a good warranty due to a couple of issues that haunt the fsi motor. Oil consumption (piston ring blow by), cam follower, and intake ports sludge build up. Unfortunately these are all items you cant directly asess at the dealer.

      Also check all high frequency switches (window switch, door lock switch, radio buttons, and the like), the window screens for structural integrity.

      Dont be scared by what i have said because im happy with ours and overall, its a good motor and fairly reliable.

      At the time we got our wagon in 2010 we paid 24k from the audi dealer.

    3. Member cp16V's Avatar
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      Nov 28th, 2005
      10-27-2012 08:58 PM #3
      Not sure if the OP is still around...but there are a few other 6 spd avant's in your area. Much more expensive though and all with ~100K on them.
      Owasco has a nice looking '08 S-line and Autohaus Barrie has one too. They're both ~23,500. Quite a bit more than the one you posted @ ~16K.
      However, they're both S-line package cars (as opposed to the '08 SE's that have the S-line body).

      There's also a red '07 S-line with a 6 spd in Laval @ Audi Lauzon that could probably be had for around 20K. I looked at it in person a couple of weeks ago when I picked up my car. It had a few small dings and normal wear, but if they detail it well and the history checks out, it could be a nice car. (I didn't check the car proof or ask for records)
      There's another red one at PB Auto in Laval.

      The items that Mozcar pointed out all hold true and I'll add PCV problems to the list.

      Good luck in your search.
      2007 A4 Avant S-Line Ti 6MT | 1976 Buick Regal S/R

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