We've been meaning to post this since the week after the Republican national convention. Just a week after Clint Eastwood raised eyebrows and made headlines with his speech at the event where he decided to improv a discussion with an imaginary President Obama represented by an empty chair, we caught one of Audi's latest commercials aired during the Colbert Report. The commercial, dubbed 'Seat' is for the new Audi A8 and focuses on the theme of a chair.

We've done a little research and learned the timing was purely coincidental. Audi of America placed the commercial up on its own YouTube account on August 10, a full seventeen days ahead of Eastwood's appearance in Tampa. Also, Audi has been known to purchase spots around political shows like Meet the Press, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Given the ad dropped around the 10th, it's not surprising that it would have still been in rotation little more than two weeks later. Finally, we just checked in with Audi of America and they have confirmed the timing was coincidental. Still, we found ourselves laughing out loud when the talk of the political conventions was interrupted by a commercial break led by this spot.

Watch the commercial below.