Hey guys. Little issue I'm experiencing, hoping others can chime in

I have a 2006 Audi A3, 3.2. It's lowered on KW Coilovers, (but on the highest setting. I am not slammed) & headlights were aimed after lowering via vagcom.

For some reason, after starting up, the lights do the sweep, headlights come up, and once I start driving, the headlights go back down (light cutoff is about 20-25 feet in front of car) and raise up upon acceleration and come back down with braking. It's a bit annoying for other drivers, as if I'm blinding them and I'd like to sort this out before I continue on with driving at night.

My xenon level sensors are intact and functional (no codes, no faults)

HOWEVER, they're giving these values:

Front = 18% Rear = 72%

That just doesn't sound right. Can anyone kindly tell me what their values on the xenon level sensors are? If I can figure out the correct values, that may be the key to fixing my issue.
Once the values are obtained, how do I get the sensors to give out the correct value? Do I bend brackets? Or do I need to drill new holes to give the sensors some height to compensate for the car being lower?

OR, is there a way I can disconnect/disable the xenon level sensors and have my headlights aimed true all the time without giving me a warning light on the dash?

Please help me. Any, I mean ANY insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance.