I worked in a service department in the mid 80s that also cut keys. They decided to stop cutting the keys and threw out all the keys that were left on the shelves. I took all the VW ones as I figured another enthusiast could use them. Put them in a box and forgot about them. Found them a few days ago and here they are.
I have multiples of each one. From what I gather online they are for the following:

Curtis V10 Volkswager glove box 1959-1966 Rabbit & Scirocco Trunk & Door 1971 to 1981 - $4 each

Curtis V11 Volkswagen 1960 to 1976 - $3 each

Curtis V12 Volkswagen Beetle 1959 to 1966 - $4 each

Curtis V2 Volkswagen Beetle 1952 to 1959 & Karmann Ghia 1956 to 1967 - $5 each

Please do your due diligence here as I am not promising this information is correct as I got it online.
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