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    Thread: 1967 Beetle Savannah beige - Project

    1. 09-23-2012 01:25 PM #1
      Hey vortex....I thought I would toss this up on the watercooled boards just to expand views.
      Asking $1200
      The car is munched up front and should really have a new frame head welded on. If this was done the car could be put on the road without much issue. Driver's fender, the bonnet, apron, driver's quarter are all in need of some love.
      Here is a shot before the wreck.

      I have a clear title for the car.

      Damage. Note, that is frost on the windows. The glass is good.

      Red circle dictates the bend in the frame head.

      What is missing:
      Driver's headlight
      The spare is currently on the driver's front. The extra wheel is out of true.

      I have a fan I would toss in on the deal.

      What you need to get her on the road:
      Tires, Beam, frame head, engine cleaning/rubbers check, soft lines on brakes, fore mentioned missing parts. Hammer out the metal or pick up replacements.

      The car was repainted once. The driver's door is not the original. It has java green under the repaint. The rest of the car has the og L 620 Savannah beige under the repaint and the og paint on the inside of the car. Dash is uncut. Tach is gone.

      Passenger pan and channel had been redone not long before the mishap and is coated. The driver's pan is completely solid and the channel has a touch of glass on it but flows heat well.

      All glass is good and no leaks. As I recall it is all Sekurit except the windshield.

      Passenger seat is a highback and driver's is a Scat procar. Rear is, what I believe a late model as well. Everything is in place and the headliner is great with no rips or tares. Dash is uncut. Everything works electrically-minus what you would expect from the driver's front. It is mostly the original wiring with the turn signal circuits the only exception. I.E. all electrics are colour coded correctly.

      The engine is the 1500 but I am not sure if it is numbers matching. It has roughly 14k on it and ran superb. It has, however, been sitting for some time and is missing the gen/fan/etc. I turn it to keep the valves and such good every month.

      The trans. is the original unit and made some noise in 4th. The car was my daily driver at 365 days a year in Spokane in all types weather. Minus 15*F to 120*F. It took it like a champ.

      Brakes are 4 lug for more stopping power. There was a rupture in the lines during the mishap and now pressure is more or less gone. E-brake operates perfect. I should point out that the pan is the original and only the baking plates etc. were swapped to achieve this brake set up.

      The rear end is indexed at stock with factory z-bar in place. Up front are CB 2.5" forged drop spindles on 165's all around on stock 4lug rims. What rubbing
      The tyres more or less hold air but the car really needs to be flat bedded if traveling very far.

      The car is stored in the Orting valley just down the hill from Puyallup, WA.

      Please email webberjames95@gmail.com to schedule meeting up to checkout the car.
      I have enlisted his help to sell the car. For technical questions regarding the car itself feel free to either reply to this thread or shoot me a PM.

      It would not be too difficult to get back on the road...and I would love to see it happen. Heck; if someone got it on the road and driving well enough I would consider buying it back in a few years Just not in the cards for me to get her back together right now.
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    2. 10-03-2012 10:47 PM #2

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