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    Thread: 2008 UG R32, Adult Owned, Low miles, Oklahoma

    1. 09-24-2012 10:36 PM #1
      Asking $23,000
      United Gray, No Navi

      This one spent it's first 3 years in garage.
      In OK now for 1.5 years, it is under a carport at home and outside 8 hours a work day.
      It never saw snow or salt. No hail damage ever.
      I have rarely used the gas with 10% ethanol.

      Right here turning 30k miles, it has never run better. I think it just
      lately broke in. Gas mileage is good around 19 in town.
      Never used a drop of oil between changes.
      Changes were about 5000-7500 miles or at one year,
      because oil was always clean semi-transparent amber and
      shouldn't have been changed but timed out.
      It is completely stock except rear Neuspeed Sway.
      I pulled the plugs and they were beautiful, check gaps and put them back in.
      There is one paint chip above right rear wheel, you may be able to see in photos.
      One wheel is curbed, you may see in photos. A couple spec sized stone chips on the hood
      have been touched.

      It does have Morel Dotech Front door 4-1/2" with Tweeters installed by Cartronics in
      Nashville. These are expensive and awesome and I don't see why the sound system would want or
      need anything else. I have seen some tests that there is no measured benefit to change the 6".
      If the price matters more, I can have the stock installed by the audio shop, and drop the price $250.

      The tires have 5/32 all the way around on the shoulder goove and 4/32 center.

      I am attempting to locate a replacement wheel to deliver it with the car.
      I only drive 2 miles to work now and I can't justify this car sitting outside during the work day.
      I am thinking to pick up a beater because my wife has the new car.

      I have only treated with zaino products, paint is really clean. I just clayed it this weekend and there
      was very little on it. It has Loyds mats over the stock mats, it has a dash mat for protection.

      I will have the rear differential and brake fluid changed soon. It has had the transmission
      changed on recall including filter. I have the kit and oil for the haldex change. It won't need anything until 40k miles. It has only been in the shop for the 2 recalls and once the radio was replaced when the CD changer malfunctioned.

      These pictures are 1 year old and 7k miles ago. I will get some new ones up, maybe this weekend.

      I have these never installed new parts can negotiate good prices to go with the car. I am putting the estimated new prices paid there, it could be a heck of package if you wanted all that at say 50%.
      ( 4 of the six neuspeeds have 10k miles on them )

      Koni yellow $600
      Tien H-tech $300
      The Stretch Bolts $40
      Stainless Door Sill Finishers $90
      6 Neuspeed 19" RS-10 with very good almost like new Summito with OEM TPMS, and including 2 in-the-box new Neuspeeds. $3400
      Neuspeed Motor Mount Insert. ?
      Neuspeed RSB Links $150
      Drilled Slotted Front Rotors $150
      Hawk F&R Pads $175
      A 4-channel Amp $250
      NGK Iridiums $50
      SS Brake Lines Goodridge $120

      I would prefer email contacts.


    2. Member
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      Jan 6th, 2007
      CLE, OH
      10-06-2012 10:07 AM #2
      IG: @andyp666

      H2Oi MKV GTG

    3. 10-10-2012 10:50 PM #3
      Hi Andy,

      No thanks on Trades but email me if any thing comes up or an offer.
      I have a car lined up, 1987 jetta, it is my uncle's, he is in his 90's now and
      they offered to sell it to me. It will do my purposes to go 1.5 miles to work for now , we
      have another new family car the Subaru legacy.

    4. Member TheEvilEmpire's Avatar
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      Feb 13th, 2010
      Portsmouth, NH
      B6 4motion VR6 Wagon
      10-31-2012 04:26 PM #4
      $20k for the car, no aftermarket parts the way it sits?

      That's all I have available to me currently,

      If not, GLWS

    5. Semi-n00b
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      Jun 21st, 2012
      Columbus, GA
      2008 R32, 2010 Jetta TDI,2003 JSW TDI
      11-30-2012 10:14 AM #5
      Bump for a fellow Oklahoma R32 owner seen this car around town it looks very clean.

    6. 12-04-2012 07:01 PM #6
      Still available?

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