Price is $9000! Otherwise I'm trading it in on October 1st .

Automatic, AWD, Navigation system, Crystal blue metallic, 133,000 km. HID's, fogs, both front and rear seats are heated!
It has been owned and driven by my mother since day 1, No accidents or claims > $2,000 (If I recall correctly, the car has had 2 non collision related comestic repairs. 1 was a long scratch or key mark, and 1 was one of those "no stopping" street signs that fell against the car whilst parked)
Excellent condition, Super nice and clean, Full maintenance records available. All belts and waterpump changed. Brakes are fairly new. Only issue is the Power Steering Rack has a seal that has a slow leak. Its very minute...just need to add 1oz of Power Steering Fluid every 4 months.