I have a lot of items in my bluetooth devices list (see below). Most of the time everything works fine, but the devices I have the most trouble with are of the audio type (speakers, bluetooth headphones, BT audio dongle..ect). These seem to connect, you see the icon change and the name of device is highlighted in BOLD. Thing is, the audio output is sill being pushed out the built-in speakers. I went into the audio control panel and there are settings in there to specify where the sounds are piped through and as far as I can tell I always have it selected to my BT device of choice.

So any suggestions? Should I clean out some of the items in the list? I'm sure I don't use EVERY thing it the list, but I do own most of them still. Is there any BT cache somewhere to empty???

What I am looking for now is a 3rd party BT plugin or app that can take over or maybe piggy-back the stock app to provide more functionality and/or stability.