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    Thread: need help getting optical audio to coaxial

    1. Member Wolfs Edition DUB77's Avatar
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      Jun 26th, 2007
      2002 Acura RSX
      09-26-2012 07:20 PM #1
      My TV has an optical output for audio, I have a set of speakers I want to use but they have a head phones jack/coaxial jack. I bought a converter off amazon, it is a optical to coaxial converter. It has optical audio in and coaxial out. So, when I plug the optical cord from my tv into the converter, and plug the jack to my speakers in the converter, anything that plays through my TV speakers should play through the other speakers I plugged in right? This is not the case for some reason. I have gone through the options on my TV and tried to change the audio settings and nothing seems to work. here is a link to the converter I bought, maybe its the wrong one?


      I have tried to get audio to play through both my apple TV and my xbox 360 (both plugged into my TV with HDMI cables, if that makes any difference). Can someone help me get some decent sounding audio?


    2. Member adrew's Avatar
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      Aug 14th, 2003
      '12 Yaris, '17 Corolla
      09-26-2012 11:43 PM #2
      Yeah, you bought the wrong thing. That converts from one digital interface to another. You need a digital to analog converter like this.

      Improving the signal-to-noise ratio

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