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    Thread: Tesla Model S - Wash & Wax

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      09-27-2012 10:40 AM #1
      Hey Gang,

      Wanted to share a unique opportunity that I got to detail the new Tesla Model S. Tesla contacted ProReflection to have these cars taken care of when delivered to Austin. Since Cosmin was tied up with other work he called upon me to make sure Tesla was taken care of. If you're not familiar with Tesla Motors, they are an all electric model and this is their second production model.

      I don't have too many shots of the detail since both cars were delivered via trailer nearly at dark and after but still wanted to share. It was a great opportunity to see these new cars and deliver them nice and clean to their new owners who have been waiting nearly 3 years.

      I think you guys will enjoy the interior shots more than anything. It was like sitting in a computer

      Method for wash:

      ONR wash two bucket method
      Uber Microfiber large towel
      fresh Microfiber towels to wipe down excess water.
      LED flash lights and tower lights to fully inspect the paint


      Meguiar's #21 applied by hand.

      White. Sorry I don't have any good pictures of this car other than these.

      IMG_1189 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      IMG_1190 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      Red Model. This was a beautiful color, but it was damaged upon arrival so I don't have a lot of good stuff to show. We only washed it and most likely will be called to correct it:

      DSC02326 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      DSC02302 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      DSC02293 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      DSC02328 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      The Dash and console were amazing LED displays:

      DSC02319 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      DSC02321 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      DSC02311 by Mark Popovac, on Flickr

      On Tuesday, my partner went and helped deliver another Model S for Tesla and performed the same method above. The pictures below were taken by chuckoslovakia (his screen name on here).

      20120925_121926 by chuckoslovakia, on Flickr

      20120925_121156 by chuckoslovakia, on Flickr

      20120925_121300 by chuckoslovakia, on Flickr

      20120925_122121 by chuckoslovakia, on Flickr

      Full set of photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chuckoslovakia/

    2. 09-27-2012 12:25 PM #2
      Awesome .. that is soooooo cool ..

    3. 10-10-2012 10:25 AM #3
      Cool deal nice job

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